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The same study found that in 1976, doctors issued 27 million prescriptions for sleeping pills - a total of a billion doses. These drugs were responsible for 25,000 sad trips to the emergency wards, and 5,000 victims could not 
leave the hospital alive. Dr. Robert Dupont, director of the National Institute for Drug Dependence Problems, was shocked by these numbers and experienced a deep shock at the realization that 5,000 unfortunate people went to 
the next world because they were taking medicines that “may be ineffective in treating insomnia.” Researchers from the National Academy canadian drugstore online of Sciences and other respected scientific societies agreed that hypnotic drugs are equally 
dangerous and ineffective - of course, unless they help you fall asleep so effectively that you can never wake up! Congresswoman Cardiss Collins of Illinois, head of the legit online pharmacy commission on drugs prescribed to women, is one of those 
government officials who are concerned about the tendency of doctors to lead unsuspecting women to dependence on tranquilizers and other potent drugs. Here is what she said:
    “We all tend to talk about addiction in relation to the male population and dependence on prohibited substances such as heroin, cocaine and marijuana. You might be surprised to learn that about two million women are 
dependent on legal drugs prescribed by doctors to be a big problem.
    Doctors often advise male patients to solve their psychological problems in the gym or on the golf course, while women with the same symptoms are more likely to prescribe Valium. ”
Undoubtedly, Cardiss Collins identified valium for an obvious reason - it is the most common medicine in the country, and is also the one most abused. My friend John McKnight says that the most common effect of Modern Medicine 
is the prescription of a psychotropic drug by a male doctor to a female patient. Valium alone brings half a billion dollars to Roche Laboratories best online pharmacy no prescription and leads about 50,000 patients to the emergency departments of hospitals. 
Together with other tranquilizers, sometimes in combination with alcohol, he is responsible for 1,500 deaths in emergency departments in 1978. Statistics of his victims, dead at home or on the street, does not exist.
All tranquilizers combined account for twice as many calls to emergency rooms because of an overdose than heroin and cocaine. Ninety percent of the patients there for this reason are women. Jerry E. Goyian, Food and Drug